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cover letter for uscis no longer habitually needs submission of original documents or "certified copies." Instead, standard decipherable photocopies of such documents (including naturalization certificates and alien registration cards) are acceptable for initial filing and approval of petitions and applications.

At the discretion of the officer, original documents should be needed in individual cases. Please be suggested that USCIS not returns original documents submitted with the exception of Certificates of Naturalization, Forms I-551, Permanent Resident Card, Forms I-94, Arrival/Departure Document, valid passports, or those specifically requested by the officer. Such documents are came after they aren't any longer required.
Reminder: the simplest thanks to find records is thru the receipt range and/or the A-Number. continuously give this info whenever doable. If you do not recognize the A-Number, give a whole name and date of birth. ALSO: give ANY and every one names utilized by the individual, as well as aliases, maiden names, names used once originally admitted to the u. s., etc. Providing this info is very useful and accelerates time interval.

DUPLICATE FILINGS (without fee): Cases are accepted as a replica filing only USCIS has specifically requested that a replica be filed. In such a case make certain to submit the receipt range of original filing or any copies of notices received from USCIS on the primary filing once submitting a replica petition or application.

The address block on the forms is that the knowledge field captured for all of our mailings. in step with the constraints on the quantity of characters per line (a most of 32) and therefore the total numbers of lines (4) therein field, no matter is within the block can become the address utilized by the system. the information in these fields is entered precisely as indicated on the forms. Please embody internal routing symbols within the address block, particularly for big organizations. it's higher to abbreviate the name of the organization and have area for the routing codes than to totally spell out the name and have notices sit within the organization's mailroom.

cover letter for uscis

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cover letter for uscis

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